ShweShwe turquoise 35mm round glass pendant - textured

R 368.00 R 460.00

ONE OF A KIND - This collection of pendants is made to represent the same geometric patterns and bright colours found in Shweshwe fabrics, a traditional South African printed fabric.  This turquoise coloured pendants' glass size is roughly 34 - 35mm in diameter, and 5 - 6mm thick, finished with a sterling silver pinch bail.  This pendant is very unique in that it wanted a textured surface, and therefor we achieved one!  The 'top' or clear glass on the surface has been slightly chiseled to give it that textured look....thus resulting in a play of light that is bouncing off the curves of this stunningly unique pendant.

Each piece is handcrafted and unique and may differ slightly from the image.  Colours may vary according to individual screen settings.